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  • Location of OBD-II port, in driver's side footwell (2006 MkV GTI): P6020274.jpg
  • VAG Tool Locator, a registry of individuals (from all over the world!) with Audi/VW VAG tools


  • D.Passat00's PDF document with lots of VAG-COM procedures:
    • Instrument Module
      • Re-encode instruments to UK or European
      • Enable/Disable brake pad, seat belt, and washer fluid warnings
      • Adjust speedometer readout
    • Central Convenience Module
      • Enable/Disable auto-lock
      • Enable/Disable auto-unlock
      • Remote Controlled Windows
      • Disable opening the windows via the door lock
      • Locking and unlocking confirmations
    • Central Electronics Module
      • Disable DRL
      • Enable leaving home*1
      • Enable coming home*
      • Disable the headlight washers
      • Disable teardrop
      • Enable the auxiliary heater
      • Adjust headlight washer delay and activation
      • The adjust DRL brightness
      • Enable the emergency brake flash light
      • Enable the .flash to pass. *
      • Use the fog lights as DRLs
      • Use the fog lights with the high beams
      • Enable the parking lights*
      • Adjust brightness of front fog lights