New car delivery checklist

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Based on "Delivery Checklist" [vwvortex]

Things to bring with you:

  • One or more regular audio CD's and one or more MP3 CD's, for testing the CD player.
  • Digital camera
  • Paperwork?

Items to discuss with salesperson before delivery for prep by service department:

  • Program alarm arming indicators as desired: horn & lights or just lights?
  • Program automatic locks: auto-lock at 10 MPH or not?
  • If you ask, the dealer might enable the auto window-open feature, where you can open the windows with the remote on unlocking. (I think that kind or pre-delivery (re)programming is not sanctioned by VW, because it takes non-zero time and effort. But I could be wrong.)
  • No dealership sticker/enblem, if desired.

Items to check upon delivery:

  • Keys:
    • Key codes are presented with keys: there should be a little plastic tag attached to the keys with the key code on it:
    • Two switchblade keys + one valet key.
    • Both key fobs work: lock and unlock the car, unlock the hatch; the "panic" button works.
  • Outside car:
    • Take pictures from all angles, from far back as well as close-up.
    • Automatic locks programmed as agreed.
    • Does car alarm work? How do you stop it?
    • Alarm arming indicators work as desired: horn & lights or just lights?
    • Perfect paint: no chips or scratches. And no graffiti in hidden places like on door jamb.
    • Windshield & Windows clean & undamaged.
    • Headlight & taillight lenses clear, undamaged, no condensation.
    • Do key-in-door window control functions work? (All windows down/up with key in door?)
  • In cabin:
    • Any upholstery rips and tears and stains?
    • Vinyl surfaces clean.
    • No scratches on plastic trim.
    • Steering wheel properly aligned.
    • All lights work:
      • Head lights(high beam/low beam)
      • Fog lights
      • Parking lights
      • Brake lights
      • Reverse backup lights
      • Directional signals
      • Interior vanity & map lights
      • Glove box light
    • Instrument panel lights:
      • Window and door lock switches lit?
      • Trip computer displays and switches.
      • Audio, Sat Nav, etc.:
        • Can the CD player load & play both regular audio CD's and MP3 CD's?
        • If you have satellite radio, do you have the right service, Sirius or XM?
        • If you have a navigation system, make sure that you have the DVD, load and check it to make sure the system recognizes it and it works. You should also have:
          • Nav instruction booklet in the manual
          • Nav quickstart guide
    • Wipers work: on normal speeds and in interval mode. In interval mode, does thumbwheel vary the interval?
    • Horn works.
    • All windows go up & down fully.
    • All window controls work.
    • All door lock controls work.
    • Moonroof, where present, opens and closes fully in slide and tilt modes.
    • Moonroof's sunshade, where present, slides forward/back ok.
    • Front seats adjust fully up/down, forward/backward, recline.
    • Rear seats fold properly. Rear seatbelts all work.
    • Seats are tight and rattle-free with no rocking.
    • Floor mats are present and correct color or pattern? Snaps are all present and an acceptable color?
    • Seat belts work properly.
    • Seat heaters, where present, work.
    • All buttons work?
    • Odometer reading doesn't show excessive mileage; should not be more than 20-25 miles.
  • Manuals:
    • Owners manual is present.
    • Sound system head unit code is in owners manual.
  • In engine bay and under car:
    • Check tire pressure. What brand are the tires? Do they match the car's spec? (Summer vs. all-weather etc.)
    • Shipping spacers removed from front springs:
      108510342 cd8d3445b4 o.jpg
    • Check engine compartment for any obvious defects / damage / leaks.
    • Proper fluid fill levels, especially oil! I've picked up a new car with the oil filler cap missing!
  • In the hatch area:
    • Hatch light works.
    • Front license plate holder in right rear cubbyhole.
    • Spare present.
    • Tools present:
      P4030034.jpg P4030036.jpg
      • Jack
      • "Security key" for locking wheel lug bolts
      • Wheel cover puller
      • Screwdriver
      • Lug wrench
      • Towing eye-bolt