Installing Neuspeed Power Pulley

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posted on 1:31 AM 5-27-2006

So, I guess I will be the guinea pig... so, here goes... as you may have seen, I waste no time putting crap on my car... my gauge, I got home at 11pm and had it on at midnight... again, I get home at 10, and I find this!!!! and I just had to put it on.

These are the tools you will need... A #20 star bit, a 6mm allen key a torque wrench and a 16mm socket... that all.

First off, go ahead and remove the splash guard on the bottom of the car... I'm not gonna post pics cause I'm sure everyone knows how to do this...once this has been removed you will need to take off the passanger side splash guard which is held on by 7 or 8 star screws... and then you can look for this...
DSCF0035.jpg DSCF0034.jpg DSCF0033.jpg

You will need to loosen all of these bolts with a 6mm allen key... I suggest you get some sort of extention because these screws are on here super tight!!!!

Once you have these all LOOSE and not removed!!!, locate the belt tensioner and get your 16mm socket and you will see a bolt on. The bolt will not turn as it is to loosen the belt...

Now, you need to set the socket wrench so that it is in "tighten" setting and pull it toward the back of te car hard as hell... you will move the tensioner and the belt will go limp and will eaisly be removable...
DSCF0040.jpg DSCF0041.jpg

Once you have it off, compaired to the new belt, it is about an inch or 2 longer.

Now, remember this guy? NOW you can go ahead and remove those screws and take the wheel off. Notice there is a little nipple on the crank shaft when you remove it as you will need to line up the new wheel to it.

When you remove it, right away you will notice the difference in weight. The OEM wheel weighs about 3 pounds and the new wheel... less than a pound. You will also notice that the new wheel is slightly smaller.
DSCF0045.jpg DSCF0046.jpg

Now, just do everything you just did in reverse... put the new wheel on, hand tighten the screws and get the belt into position... this is the tricky part. You may want to get someone to help you do this as I did. You will need to pull the tensioner towards the back of the car again all the way untill it won't go any further and your partner will need to get a flat head screw driver to get the top of the belt onto the alternator. You have to do this because the wheel and the belt are noth much smaller and barely fit.

Once this is done and you have the belt on, MAKE SURE IT IS IN THE GROOVES PROPERLY or very bad things will happen later . Once everything is aligned, you will need to torque the bolts to 18ft lbs. Put all the plastic back on and enjoy your 5-7 extra HP and Torque!!!!!!! I love it, throttle response is greatly noticable.