How to get inner halogen lamps to come on when flash-to-pass and to stay on w/ Xenon high beams

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  • "Select"
    • "09-Cent. Elect."
      • "long coding - 07"
        (save long coding: copy and paste it into a text file)
        • click on "long coding helper"
          • byte 17 bit 1: Deactivation of Additional High Beam with Bi-Xenon
            (this controls whether "flash to pass" is done by bi-xenon (checked) or by halogen inner lamps
            set to: unchecked
    • Exit

    • "17-Instruments"
      • "Recode - 07"
        • "Software Coding" text field
          was: 0007203 (US)
          is: 0007403 (Great Britain)

          now inner halogen lamps come on when:
          • flash-to-pass (regardless of whether xenon is on)
          • when xenon hibeam is on