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DRL removal, Euro light switch, etc.[edit]

  • How to remove the headlight switch: select the setting furthest to the left, push in about 1/8", turn clockwise, then pull out. Disconnect connector.

Part Number Features Made in
1K0 941 431 A REH off / auto / side lights / headlights / front fog / rear fog Spain
1K0 941 431 C REH off / side lights / headlights / front fog / rear fog Portugal
1K0 941 431 REH off / auto / side lights / headlights / rear fog  
  • Pic of Euro headlight switch, w/o "auto" position: Euro headlight switch 1K0941431CREH full.jpg
  • Info on "auto" setting on Euro switch [vwvortex]:
    "Car headlight function requires the Rear View Mirror with the light/rain sensor, along with some particular long code software. Putting in an Auto/Euro Switch will not harm the car, but not all of the features will work, such as Auto On Headlights when it gets dark."

Headlights, fog lights, turn signals, brake light[edit]

  • Headlight washers work when the headlight is on (i.e. the headlight switch is in the on position, regardless of whether you have daytime running lights) and the front windshield washers are activated. If the headlight is off, the headlight washers only come on every third time the front windshield washers are activated.

Miscellaneous lighting things[edit]

Wipers, washers[edit]

  • Problem: rear wiper turning on by itself, need to turn it on and off to turn it off.
    One resolution: dealer replaced rear wiper motor: has not encountered problem since.



Miscellaneous electrical things[edit]

  • "Easter Egg" in Climatronic: how to get display to show digital "uncorrected" speed and RPM:
  • "Easter Egg" secret display in radio:
    • Press and hold scan button: radio options menu appears
    • Keep holding: display goes back to normal
    • Keep holding: display goes to radio "service" menu:

  • "Easter Egg": showing current speed digitally:
    • Click the MFD "Up" or "Down" button until you get to the "Set warning speed" display. (It's in the same rotation as "MPG", "Miles to empty", "Distance travelled", etc.)
    • Click "OK" until three dashes show.
    • Click "OK": the warning speed displayed is your current speed. (It's just one reading of your speed right then; it's not gonna change continuously as you pseed up or slow down.)