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Brake pads[edit]


  Front Rear
Brake pads, GTI and GLI 3C0 698 151 A 1K0 698 451 F
Brake rotors, GTI and GLI 1K0 615 301 AA 1K0 615 601 M


Bleeding brakes[edit]

  • Speedbleeder are brake caliper bleeder screws with spring loaded one-way ball valve. They replace the stock bleeder screws. By loosening the Speedbleeder, you can bleed the brake by merely pumping the brake pedal (and adding lfuid to the brake fluid reservoir occasionally). The one-way valve prevents the fluid from receeding in the line on the brake pedal's up stroke, thus preventing air from being drawn into the line.
    There have been reports that, because the ball valve seals so well, the gap in the screw's threads is the "weakest link" and may allow air to seep into the line while bleeding.
    The MkV GTI takes the SB1010 or SB1010S'es. The SB1010S are stainless steel. The stock bleeder screws are M10x1.0 thread, both front and rear.


  • Premature rear brake pad wear [vwvortex], ranging from 15k miles (!) to 30k miles.
    Possible causes: sticking caliper pin causing pads to not retract; too-tight emergency brake causing constant pad-disc contact.

Miscellaneous brakes abs[edit]

  • Pics of brake rotor w/ center and edge painted red (with red caliper)
    100 1975.jpg 100 1974.jpg 100 1973.jpg