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"Aerodynamics", grille, bumper[edit]

Doors, door locks[edit]


Window tints[edit]

Miscellaneous body exterior[edit]

  • Jack block, to fit between stock jack point & circular top of hydraulic jack:
    Top: Jack block top P3012237.jpg    Bottom: Jack block bottom P3012239.jpg

  • Some good info on VW/Audi's "lift pads", to be used at the underbody lifting areas. These lift pads are probably designed to be used with a shop lift where all four corners are lifted at once, so each lift pad only has to support a percentage of the car's weight. There were reports of the underbody deforming when lifting the car at only one of these lift pads.
    Where to get lift pads:

  • Pics of brake rotor w/ center and edge painted red (with red caliper)
    100 1975.jpg 100 1974.jpg 100 1973.jpg


  • Under-engine splash shield
  • Under-engine splash shield, removed
  • Passenger side wheel well splash shield