Air management, airbox, etc.

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  • Flow of air [vwvortex]:
    • Air box
    • Air filter
    • Mass airflow (MAF) sensor
    • Diverter valve outlet
    • Turbocharger's compressor
    • Diverter valve's inlet: normally closed; when the throttle is closed on overrun, pressure builds up downstream of the turbo's compressor, which may cause turbocharger surge. The diverter valve prevents this by venting this excess pressure to the upstream side of the compressor.
    • "Discharge pipe"
    • Intercooler (IC)
    • Intercooler pipe a.k.a. throttle body pipe (with Y into "noise pipe" a.k.a. "Engine Amplification" or "EA" pipe)
    • Throttle body (TB)
    • Intake manifold
    • Cylinders
    • Exhaust manifold
    • Turbocharger's impeller
    • Catalytic converter ("cat")
    • Pre-muffler (resonator)
    • Muffler
      NOTE: an aftermarket "downpipe" typically refers to the section of the exhaust from the turbocharger's housing exit flange (downstream/exit side of turbo's impeller), plus catalytic converter and flex joint, for instance, Techtonics' and Neuspeed's downpipes:
      Ttmkvdownpipe.jpg Neuspeed 30.02.66.jpg

  • Underside of airbox/engine cover:
  • Air box & engine cover:
    AirBoxOpening.jpg AirBoxOpen.jpg

  • Carbonio intake performance info [vwvortex]: VAG-COM logging showing intake flow and temperature of stock airbox versus Carbonio airbox/filter.
    (Graphs and data files are also saved here.)