How to install a Dension IceLink Plus in your MK5 Golf/Jetta

Thanks KuniD from uk-mkivs.net for the write-up

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Had a bit of free time this evening so thought I'd fit the Dension kit.

Here's a step by step guide to installing it.

The parts you'll need:

Dension Ice>Link Plus VW Kit
Brodit Proclip

Here's what you get with the Dension kit...

The tools you'll need:

Torx bits
Small flathead screwdriver for prying

You need access to the rear panel of your headunit to fit the kit, so to start take a look at the upper centre air vent (the big one.) You'll notice a small black rectangle sensor; this can be pryed off. Remember that although a lot of these parts may seem stiff they are actually quite fragile, so be careful when prying.

Once you've done this you are free to pry the rest of the vent away.

Now if you look towards the back (closer to the windscreen) of the exposed compartment you'll notice a screw. Use the appropriate torx bit to remove it, then remove the remainder of the vent housing.

You'll now notice two more screws. These hold down the upper dash cover. Unscrew these (always remember to stow the screws somewhere safe, as these things always go missing in cars - too many nooks and crannies)

Now you can remove the upper dash cover. Use the flat head screw driver to unclip the back three holdings, then you can pull the cover off.

Once you've removed the upper dash cover you'll see two more screws. These hold the lower dash cover in place, remove these as well.

Gently pull the lower dash cover, applying equal ammounts of preasure to both sides. The metal clips on the reverse are poorly stuck on so they can actually come off, while staying clipped to their holding mounts (great VW quality! nothing a bit of superglue can't fix )

You'll notice at the bottom under the AC controls four metal rectangles - these are the holding clips that actually stayed in place instead of coming off with the dash cover! Oh well

Remove the four screws that hold the head unit in place, so that you can bring the HU forward.

I decided to run the cable down from the headunit and exit it into the cabin by the passenger footwell. To do this I needed to remove the gearstick cover (pops out quite easily). You'll then see two silver screws holding the ashtray compartment in place; if you remove these you can pull the compartment out. You may need to unplug the cable for the cig lighter underneath, so you can get enough clearance.

Next I fed the cable through a gap from the footwell to the inner dash.

I then fed the cable up to the top of the dash so that I could connect the dension kit to the back of the headunit. Remember to attach the grounding wire otherwise the unit wont work.

After testing the unit I put the dash back together. I screwed the Dension cradle to the Brodit Proclip, which simple clips into place next to the stereo.

The results? A great sounding setup

You can control the iPod from the headunit, including mapping playlists to the CD1-6 buttons. The visuals on the iPod screen change to a unique Dension setup to display options and track info.

As soon as you switch to CD changer mode the unit powers up.

Installation requires about 30-35 minutes.