Mirror Glass Replacement

This article is intended to provide a step-by-step installation guide for enthusiasts wanting to replace their North American mirrors with either blue-tinted or clear European mirrors. This write-up only covers the drivers' side, but the process is identical for the passenger side.

Difficulty Rating:

Parts Needed:

Tools Needed:

  • None!

Phase One: Mirror Removal

1.1 Push the inboard side of the mirror (closest to the car) forward so you can insert your fingers into the small opening between the outer edge of the mirror housing and the glass itself.

1.2 Gently pry toward yourself until the mirror glass pops off. It's a good idea to have your other hand close by so the mirror doesn't bang against the car and break or chip the paint.
1.3 Note the orientation of the wiring connectors on the back of the glass. You need to reattach these later, but unplug them for now and set the mirror glass aside.

Phase Two: Mirror Installation

2.1 Reattach the mirror wires as indicated above. They are color coded the same for both sides, with the blue/black wire being closest to the vehicle once installed. The mirror glass will snap black into place once you get the guide pins lined up. Don't just jam it on there or you'll break them for sure.

2.2 Once the glass is back in place, grab a rag and wipe down your fancy new EU mirrors!